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Melissa Liszewski Kaar

Managing Director

Melissa Liszewski Kaar - LinkedIn profile.
Portrait of Melissa Liszewski Kaar.


While in Brazil in June 2006 working on a community project at the same time the World Cup was happening, seeing people from all walks of life put their regular daily schedule on hold to watch the game and eat and drink and dance together in the streets as a community. This is when Melissa realized the incredible power that sport has to bring all different kinds of people together in a way few other mediums can.


Prior to taking on the Managing Director role, Melissa spent two years leading the global Community & Social Impact team at adidas AG.

Until then, she had spent her entire career within the non-profit sector, leading community engagement projects and programs in more than 35 countries around the world focused on benefiting people, animals and planet. Melissa holds a Masters Degree in Animal Science, with a focus on Animal Behavior & Welfare in addition to joint specializations in International Development and Social Science.


Empathy with others, both humans and animals, has always been the strongest driving force in Melissa's life. This is why she spent her career developing initiatives that engage communities in meaningful and inclusive ways and seek to amplify the voices and experiences of those who are falling through the cracks of systems that should be protecting and supporting them. Melissa is proud to be able to lead an organization focused on engaging and uniting people through sport.


Outside of work Melissa spends her time being active in nature, baking, reading and supporting animal welfare initiatives.