The adidas Foundation was established in 2023 by adidas and is based in Herzogenaurach, Germany. It is an independent non-profit entity that maintains strong connections with adidas AG yet is completely autonomous and not owned or governed by it in any manner. Its sole shareholder is the adidas Stiftung.

Our mission is to leverage the transformational power of sport to address some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges facing our world today.

We believe that sport has the power to unite and empower communities around the world in away that few other mediums can; unlocking unexpected solutions that otherwise may have seemed impossible in the face of conflict, inequality, discrimination and the climate crisis.

Our vision is a world in which all people have access to the transformational power of sport and physical activity to change lives and create a brighter future for both people and planet. We will achieve this through direct action, capacity building and advocacy with likeminded partners around the world.

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The foundation's primary source of funding is adidas AG. The financial resources will be utilized to advance its charitable mission through the following means:

Granting Support for Nonprofit Organizations: The foundation will provide grants to registered nonprofit organizations worldwide, which are in good standing. These grants will either support in-country projects conducted on behalf of the foundation or fund initiatives carried out by other organizations that align with the foundation's mission.

Empowering Social Entrepreneurs: Grants and seed funding will be extended to social entrepreneurs whose initiatives are aligned with the foundation's mission, particularly in the areas that the foundation focuses on.

Contractor and Service Provider Payments: The foundation will engage in contracts and payments to service providers who deliver essential services that support the foundation's mission. This could include activities such as refurbishing a community football pitch or hiring evaluators to assess the impact of projects.

Local Program Initiatives: Over the initial 1-3 years, the foundation will directly conduct program activities within the greater Nuremberg area. There is potential for expanding these activities to other geographical locations worldwide in the future.

Research Support: The foundation will both conduct and support research endeavors aimed at furthering the achievement of its purpose and objectives.

Advocacy and Education: The foundation will actively promote advocacy, education, and awareness-raising activities as part of its efforts to advance its mission and attain its objectives.

Expertise Sharing: The foundation will provide relevant expertise and in-kind support to other stakeholders operating in the sport-for-good sector, fostering collaboration and collective progress.

These avenues of fund utilization reflect the foundation's commitment to making a positive impact in the communities it serves and the broader mission it embraces.

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While we wish we could support every organization out there doing amazing work around empowering people and planet through sport, we simply don't have the resources to do so. We proactively reach out to potential partners we believe would be a fit. If we currently have an open call for funding you can find it here.